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Public-Accessible Websites

Each of these sites reflects the needs and characteristics of the client company. No cookie-cutter prefab sites here; all websites are carefully designed by hand.

JPS Industries - a hydraulic engineering firm, offering equipment and services relating to water resource maintenance and cleanup.

Lawson & Persson P.C. - a firm of intellectual property and business attorneys. They wanted a clean, dignified way to convey information about themselves and their legal specialties to current and prospective clients.

Mr. Phil & Co. - a children's entertainer. You may see him at restaurants, libraries, birthday parties, and now, on the Web. This site had special design requirements - it must work both for the children who will be entertained by Mr. Phil, and to the adults who will pay him. According to Mr. Phil, "This site cost more than my competitors' sites... but it brings in much more business than theirs do."

National Employee Training - an online training center for nursing homes and other medical establishments. It offers the courses online, but mroe importantly, it keeps track of legal requirements for a medical center's entire staff, to make sure everyone is meeting the legal requirements. There's an online demo of the system that you can play with.

Perennity Publishing - bringing out-of-print books back into circulation. In addition to advertising republishing services, this site also includes an extensive book tracking system for customers to keep an eye on their books as they are processed. The historical transition from ancient scrolls through early printing presses, 20th-century high speed publications, and 21st-century electronic media, provides the design for this site.

PerfectQuote - providing a straightforward way for insurance companies to have online quoting of their products. You'd be surprised how many insurance agents still have to look in a big binder to find the price for a policy. The purpose of the website is to provide an online presence and some fairly basic marketing information, and also to be a location for a working online demo of the PerfectQuote software.

Perrin Todd Photography - the premier society wedding photographer in Memphis, TN, for whom site is an online billboard for his services. A special note concerning cooperation: AS&ST did the design of the site appearance, but the site itself is operated and updated by another firm. We are able to flexibly meet your requirements and work with other experts as you require.

This site awarded Web Site of the Week!

Raymond Photographic Imaging - a professional photography and fine-art firm. This is a showcase for a wide variety of graphical services, from catalog and commercial photography to sepia and digital fine art. The site itself must serve as a "frame" for the artwork, and not overpower it.

Scott McGuffin Law - a lawyer who specializes in elder care and estate issues. You visit him at hard times in your life, and the site needs to be reassuring and sensitive in tone, as he is.

William Doub Custom Furniture - a craft shop which manufactures highly individual custom pieces for company executives and the otherwise well-heeled. The site is intended to show off photos of his works, but it is also important that busy people be able to find the right category of design style and function easily, as well as proper search engine indexing.

Web-based Control Interfaces

The technology behind the Internet is best know for producing, well, the Internet. But there are vastly more uses in other areas. The standards that allow any browser to access and use any website, also provide a rapid and efficient means of developing an interface to control equipment or display information. AS&ST, its members, partners, and affiliates, have wide experience in this sort of application. We use Web technology and browser-based interfaces in many sorts of systems. Because of their larger scale, these projects are usually in association with several firms; references as to specific contributions can be provided on inquiry.

Open-source Work

From time to time, AS&ST contributes internal tools to the open-source community, for the use of all.

Java Applets

Java applets allow browsers to behave more like a normal program that's installed on your computer, without actually having to download and install the program. They also can be made to work with all browsers running on any operating system.

Advanced IT Services

In recent years, companies expect more from their information technology budgets. Through its partnerships, AS&ST is able to leverage offshore resources to provide an economical solution for almost any IT requirement, including:

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