Training Seminars

Today, many companies have their own computer services staff. They may not have enough people to design and implement a website from scratch, but once it's up and running, the in-house staff could maintain it with a little training. We can help with that!

Depending on your specific needs, one or more of our staff can drop in for a concise seminar, tailored expressly to what your staff needs to meet their objectives. Of course, it's easier to do this when we also provide other services or analysis, but we can train independently of other work.

Or, if your staff has experienced programmers that want to become familiar with a new programming language (such as Java), we can give them enough information in a couple of days, combined with their existing knowledge of other programming languages, to start them off, or to hone their existing skills.

Our experienced speakers have given seminars at national conferences, trained university professors to teach their students computer topics, and of course, have experience working in the industry. Contact us for a specialized training program designed to meet your needs.

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