Our Partners

AS&ST specializes in providing an expert team to meet the needs of your project. We do not restrict ourselves to in-house staff. We certainly avoid the trap that occurs when all you have is a hammer (which is, that everything looks like a nail.) No, we carefully consider your true needs, and then craft a solution to meet them.

We partner with many companies around the world, which are experts in various disciplines.

Assisted Solutions Inc. (ASI) -- Develops and sells specialized components for .NET developers, allowing easier integration of AJAX rich-environment elements.

CCE Software Ltd. -- Provides offshore software developments service in India, and coordinates other services provided from mid-Asia.

Damascus Technologies -- Founded in March of 2007, Damascus Technologies is a technology company that specializes in non profit software. Their flagship product, GiftWrap PlusTM is highly regarded for its donor, email, and event management services - all from within a web-based, open archicture solution. It also offers a wide array of reporting and integrated data features that are second to none.

Data Research Group (DRG) -- Specializes in .NET and other Microsoft-oriented software development.

Global Info Factory -- Provides offshore software development services in Russia and countries of the Eastern Block, particuarly in creative design work.

Intarachnid Corp. -- Experts in computer systems security and industrial computerized systems.

Network Engineering Inc. (NEI) -- Specializes in government contract work in various IT areas.

River Design -- Purveyor of marketing services, particularly graphic design and preparation of printed marketing materials.

Contact us for information on joining our ever-expanding network of partners.

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