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We're a flexible consortium of e-commerce and website experts.

Most web development companies are either one guy wanting to work independently or a big company with lots of overhead.

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When you hire a company that's one guy, you may get a very skilled programmer, but he can't handle a big project very quickly. Also, he may not be an expert in every field: is he an artistic graphics designer, and a good programmer, and an erudite copywriter, and good at customer relations?

When you hire a big company, you get a skilled team that has a staff expert in most every field. Real experts are very well paid. If they have a job to do, they do professional, thorough work. If there's no current contract that needs their skill, they read industry mags and still collect their large salary. Naturally, when you're paying their company for their time, you're also paying for the time when they aren't needed.

AS&ST is structured differently. We have a small staff to coordinate and manage projects and a very few people with commonly required skills. Then we have a large network of independent experts in various areas of e-commerce. When we have a job that needs an expert, we give him a sub-contract for his part. When we don't need him, he's off working on a contract with someone else, and we aren't running up overhead. You can think of us kind of like a movie producer: we have experience in some of the necessary skills ourselves, but we know all the skills needed for your project, and we can put together a team to meet the requirements for each project specifically.

So with AS&ST, you don't pay for experts that aren't being used. Most independent experts like to work at home on their own pet computer, so you aren't paying overhead for an office either. But if you need the complicated, heavy-lifting, high-level programming, we can get the work done.

If you've ever dealt with a lawyer, you know how they charge: by the hour. While he's driving to court, you're paying him. While he's on the phone with you, you're paying him. While he's dreaming about your case at night, you're paying him. Same with most web developers. Wouldn't it be better if you could explain what you want done, then be charged a fixed fee to accomplish it?

That's how we like to work. We listen to your ideas and requests. Then, we name a price. You know what you pay, we know what we get, and you know what you get. No nasty surprises on either side.

Of course, if you want to pay by the hour, or borrow someone for a few days or weeks, that's fine too. We're flexible!

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